Equipment Rental

Equipment Available for Rent


Microphones, mix monitors, mixing systems, control surfaces, loudspeakers, channels, XLR cables, fiber, inputs, outputs, and more. From ballroom audio to band PA our team has the equipment and expertise to make you heard!

Speakers & Amplification

We can provide the appropriate speaker and amplification rental solution for any corporate ballroom event, band or social function.


We carry wireless and wired microphone products for any preference. Headsets, lavalieres and handheld microphones make up the back bone of our inventory and rentals can cover any cardioid and format needs.


Portable and rack mounted recording devices and media delivery methods. We have rentals ranging from ZOOM handheld recorders for simple audio recordings to multi-deck racks for involved live productions.

Equipment Available for Rent


Projectors, LED walls, large format monitors and projection screens is the core of good audio-visual production. We can make sure your presentation or video looks crisp and clean for your audience.


LCD, DLP, and laser projection line our inventory of available projection technologies for rental. We can couple this with a variety of front and rear projection screens sizes to fit any room.


Digital cameras and video record decks. We offer a wide selection to fit your event video recording needs.

LED Walls & Advance Video

LED Walls, projection blending, media servers and large format monitors can deliver the unique “wow” factor you are looking for. Whether you have content available or need it developed, our team can work with you to find the right solution to fit any of these mediums.

Equipment Available for Rent


Stage lighting and creative lighting design is a passion of ours. We can illuminate big hitter CEOs at your corporate conference or your friends and family at social gatherings or galas. Let us show you how some simple up lighting can transform a function or how intelligent and crowd reactive lighting can energize a conference!


We carry a large stock of traditional stage and event lighting. LEKO 750 and other Source 4 products are available to rent for any event.


Wireless LED up lights along with ETC, Elation and other LED powered stage lighting products are available for rent. Let us sharpen up your stage!


Movement is key to adding energy to a room. We carry a wide variety of intelligent light products like ROBE, Chauvet and more. We will also supply the lighting board that works. Jands, Leprecon and CHAMSYS are available for rent.